Triunephant – Story of June Luna

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Triunephant – Story of June Luna

It has been a dream to share this story. It started to materialize through an article featured in the Sunday Biz Section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer on September 14, 2008.

Triunephant comes from the significant matters of my life came in sets of threes.

Physical Aspect of my Life:

1. Three Names – Eduardo, Juan, and Juanito
2. Three Sets of Parents – Biological, Adopted, and Educational
3. Three Children – Janjan, Sharlene, and Mutya
4. Three Brothers – Rey, Larry, and Manuel
5. Three Places – Catanauan, Quezon, Pasay, and Cebu
6. Three Companies – Glaxo, Smith Kline & French (SK&F) & ConPharm
7. Three Businesses – Prosel, Heltker and Korn C Philippines
8. Three OrganizationsWorldwide Marriage Encounter, Rotary Club of Cebu Port Center, and Brahma Kumaris.

Spiritual Aspect of my Life:

1. Three Forms – Physical, Subtle, and Point of Light
2. Three Acts – Creation, Sustenance, and Destruction
3. Three Aspects of Time – Past, Present, and Future
4. Three Worlds – Incorporeal, Subtle Region, and Corporeal
5. Three Other Worlds – My World, Your World, Our World
6. Three Roles of God – Supreme Father, Teacher, and Guide
7. Three Major Forces and Energies – God, Nature and Time
8. Three Requests from God – 1)Consider yourself to be a soul. 2. As your God, the Father, also consider Me as Soul, the Supreme Soul. 3)Remember Me alone and forget your body and all your bodily relations.

As a life traveler, my journey has always been a roller coaster ride, changing from bad to good, good to better, better to best. I constantly load and unload my mental and emotional baggage along the way, from one station to another, leaving marks in the from of experiences in every phase and place of spiritual stopover.

I believe each one of us has the capacity to learn from one another’s experience. As you read my story. Check yourself to see if you can relate. Since each of us is unique and has our own timeline, after reading, I encourage you to write your own story. Recall, with courage and enthusiasm, your days as a child, as a high school and college student, as an employee or as a businessman, as a husband and father, or as a member of an organization. Also recall the challenges, changes, and transformation in each stage and phase of your beautiful life. Do it for yourself; if not for you, then at least for your children and family; if not for them, then for other people, and finally, for God.

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Triunephant - Story of June Luna

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