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“Moral values are practical values, the ones that are put into practical forms and application in everyday life. Oral values are just verbal values which are merely spoken for a token.”

“In devotion, one reads the scriptures, makes sacrifices, says a prayer, gives donations and performs charity.”

“In Spiritual Knowledge, one studies, becomes soul conscious and puts everything he or she learns into practical form and application.”

“There is a big gap between the rich and the poor and the word that separates them starts with capital letter ‘G’ which, unfortunately does not stand for God but for Greed.”

“A true hero is one who starts with, thinks and feels like a zero. For like the zero, a hero is ever-humble and true.”

“Where and what we are now is merely the result of what we did in the past. Where and what we would be in the future is only the result of what we are doing right now in the present.”

“The best true measure of success and happiness is not how loud one laughs outside but how happy he or she thinks and feels quitely inside.”

“True friends accompany you across the river while the bad ones push you out of the boat in the middle of the river even before you reach the other side.”

“Success is both relative and attractive. The more successful you are, the more relatives you will have and the more attractive you will become”

“Always have faith in your belief and believe in your faith.”

“Disease and illnesses are said to be just the seeds of our deeds. They are merely the physical manifestations of the negative thoughts we entertained and actions we have done in the past.”

“Use the treasures of all powers through your words, virtues through your actions, time through your intellect, happiness through your relationships, and peace through your connections in a worthwhile way.”

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  1. Hi June! It’s the first time I opened your website….I really like all your quotations! Congratulations on your life very well lived….your powerful experience of growth and transformation….and your sharing these to many others through your talks and your books. May you continue to be blessed abundantly! Vilma

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