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“If we have committed sins and we tell God, our Father the whole truth, then, half of our sins is forgiven.”

“Life is simply a play of pairs and a game of dualities. Let’s just love it heartily and live it fully.”

“True love is only received through love from the One Father, the Bestower of Love and the Embodiment of Truth.”

“Spirituality is religion put into actuality and practicality.”

“For an obese child, ‘hurt’ problems are much heavier than weight concerns.”

“Carelessness is being careless because of laziness and Laziness in being lazy because of carelessness.”

“Why do we have to just go for goal when we can really go for gold?”

“A responsible person is one who is able to respond to God’s call for service.”

“We give other people the experiences of peace and happiness through our cheerful and peaceful faces and pain and sorrow through our tearful and fearful looks.”

“We commit sins in gossiping and create blessings in worshiping.”

“Simplicity or contentment is simply waking up in the morning still breathing, very much alive and well, realizing that we have everything and have really nothing to prove to anyone and to the whole world.”

“Think of all the things of yours that you can give back to God and He will give you everything in return.”

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