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June Luna’s inspirational quotes for our every day life’s spirituality, experiences, challenges and success.

Juanisimus Quote 9

Juanisimus Quote 8
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“If we have committed sins and we tell God, our Father the whole truth, then, half of our sins is forgiven.”

“Life is simply a play of pairs and a game of dualities. Let’s just love it heartily and live it fully.”

“True love is only received through love from the One Father, the Bestower of Love and the Embodiment of Truth.”

“Spirituality is religion put into actuality and practicality.”

“For an obese child, ‘hurt’ problems are much heavier than weight concerns.”

“Carelessness is being careless because of laziness and Laziness in being lazy because of carelessness.”

“Why do we have to just go for goal when we can really go for gold?”

“A responsible person is one who is able to respond to God’s call for service.”

“We give other people the experiences of peace and happiness through our cheerful and peaceful faces and pain and sorrow through our tearful and fearful looks.”

“We commit sins in gossiping and create blessings in worshiping.”

“Simplicity or contentment is simply waking up in the morning still breathing, very much alive and well, realizing that we have everything and have really nothing to prove to anyone and to the whole world.”

“Think of all the things of yours that you can give back to God and He will give you everything in return.”

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Juanisimus Quote 10

Juanisimus Quote 10
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“Our accounts are on God’s table and we are accountable for all of them.”

“Words spoken by God are elevated and those spoken by humans are adulterated.”

“Human beings continue to create decrees while their elevated degrees continue to decrease.”

“There are two types of friendship. One is based on gossip and other one in on worship.”

“The mistake of all mistakes is when we waste our time and energy in seeing the mistakes of others.”

“Rejection draws us closer to perfection.”

“Belief is simply faith in experience and faith is merely belief in conscience.”

“Our real competition is our own competence.”

“In both personal and marital relationships, when things go right, give it your best and when things go wrong, give up your beast.”

“God knows us best through our actions and not through our thoughts and feelings.”

“The last two letters in the word blame are ‘m’ and ‘e’. That’s ME.”

“Realize your virtues, recognize your values and harmonize them in love and in peace.”

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Juanisimus Quote 8

Juanisimus Quote 8
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“Only the spiritual power and not the physical and nuclear power can gain victory over wars, greed and poverty in the world.”

“True Spirituality is when we have the sparkle of honesty in our eyes. smile of sincerity in our lips and purity in our heart.”

“Be a ‘donorable’ person, the one who donates with valor and honor.”

“In the supreme court of Karma, we have to settle our pending spiritual cases with God. Nature and our fellow human beings.”

“When the soul leaves the body, the body leaves the world.”

“Sow, not just show good deeds.”

“Good thoughts, words and actions come out naturally while bad one appear automatically.”

“Hear all your advisers’ choices but listen only to your own and God’s voices.”

“Religion is an organized faith while spirituality is an individual faith.”

“A religious person is not necessarily spiritual but one can be both spiritual and religious at the same time.”

“The true ART of loving, living and becoming is Acceptance of one’s life destiny, Respect for nature and Trust in God.”

“Be a judge of yourself and not of others.”

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Juanisimus Quote 7

Juanisimus Quote 7
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“Have a Church-like attitude at home and a saintly behavior in the church.”

“Converse but conserve. Talk for as long as you want. Just make sure to conserve your positive energy by listening only to good and Godly things.”

“Whatever is right, I truly deserve it, I do not have to fight for it because if it is truly my right, it will be running towards me without much effort.”

“Change needs political will while transformation needs spiritual will.”

“The real essence and true test of a great decision is when we put in front of us the consequence of our actions before we make the decision”

“When we are spiritually solvent, we can easily solve our problems and we will not become materially insolvent.”

“Shave off our bad habits and shape up and save the good ones.”

“An act of charity which is tainted with and influenced by one or more vices becomes a sinful act.”

“Technology has certainly improved communication and information but definitely not relation.”

“When the poor steal from the rich, unlimited and they commit lesser sins but when the rich steal from the poor by not paying the right taxes, it is limited and they commit more sins.”

“Give your last penny and be free. Are you a taker or a giver.”

“It is the quality of our purity which creates royalty and it is the royalty of our actions which give us unconditional authority.”

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Juanisimus Quote 6

Juanisimus Quote 6
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“When we eat our pride, that’s ego-eating, When we feed our arrogance, that’s ego-feeding and when we travel with both of them, that’s ego-tripping.”

“When you close your eyes, you will remember the past and you will have a vision of the future. But if you keep your eyes open, you can only see the present and be able to move on.”

“Do not violate the laws and be fined. Instead, be fine and refined with the laws.”

“Always consider those who criticize, insult and defame you as your friends and those who cause obstacles as your teachers.”

“In life, our thoughts may be theoretical and our actions are sometimes theatrical, but our experiences must be practical.”

“We donate powers through our mind, share knowledge through our words and give virtues through our actions.”

“Truth brings out humility in authority while ego creates arrogance for it.”

“When I talk about experience, my best teachers are the worst ones and my good teachers are the bad ones.”

“Socially and spiritually, some people are passionate but not fashionable and others are fashionable but not passionate in life.”

“Comparison creates competition which brings forth critism and discourages cooperation.”

“I am an addict, I am addicted to pure love, peace and happiness, I am also a pusher, I push people to work against hate, war and loneliness.”

“Don’t just change. Transform, Change is physical and it could be from good to better and best to worst. Transformation is spiritual and elevated. We transform from best to great and great to greatest.”

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Juanisimus Quote 5

Juanisimus Quote 5
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“Die not for death or live not for life, but rather die alive and do not just become a living dead.”

“Do not pray to God to help others. Instead, pray to God to help you help others.”

“If it comes directly from the heart, it hits the heart and if it comes from the head, it hits the head and it causes a lot of headaches.”

“If you are a no-body, nobody can criticize, insult and defame your body. Thus, you will not get angry and you will always be peaceful and happy.”

“Nothing is truly and absolutely ours to give. Everything is God’s for us to donate and share.”

“One doesn’t really need trust and respect from others. What he or she really needs is faith in himself or herself and trust in God.”

“Play and follow like a child but pray and decide like a master.”

“Wealth plus disease and illness equals sorrow. Poverty plus good health and peace of mind equals happiness.”

“When a person talks about other people’s ideas, that’s speaking. When one speaks about other person’s bad experiences, that’s gossiping and when one gossips about other person’s good attitudes and deeds, that’s sharing and he or she receives God’s blessings.”

“When polarity exists between arrogance and authority, even the antidotes of obedience and humility become ineffective.”

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Juanisimus Quote 4

Juanisimus Quote 4
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“Sit on the seat of stability and your stage will be set, not upset.”

“When there is concentration, there is determination. When there is determination, success becomes your life’s decoration and constant companion.”

“Every time you remember something which happened in the past, you are actually bringing the memory back as if it happened just a moment ago.”

“Laughter is the best medicine – except in the places where prices of drugs and medicines are very expensive that you cannot even afford to buy them with a smile.”

“Life is not just a life of knowing but of living and becoming.”

“Love is when you are no longer worried of the past and afraid of the future because you know that your life is firmly grounded and safely anchored in the present.”

“Detachment means I don’t mind but I surely care.”

“Addictionary is a list of bad habits turned into addiction.”

“Wherever the head is, the heart follows and wherever the heart is, the target finds the arrow.”

“To practive catching the positive thoughts of others is to develop the act of detaching from their wasteful words while learning how to stop watching their negative actions.”

“Respect and Regard are received by giving them and not by expecting and taking them.”

“If you let your good thoughts emerge, your bad memories will submerge and your happy memories and good experiences will merge.”

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Juanisimus Quote 3

Juanisimus Quote 3
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“Talents are gifts from God. They are not supposed to be paid exorbitantly. They should instead be used to serve humanity and be rewarded spiritually.”

“Always balance pure praises and creative critism.”

“To confront is to constructively face whatever concern is presented in front.”

“We may not be perfect but if we make honest effort to understand our defect, it will have less effect on us and eventually will not affect our life”

“If we are attuned with our higher self, time, nature and God, then we can easily create fortune in our life.”

“Frustration is mere expression of unfulfilled expectation.”

“A person whose thoughts are clear make his or her mind clever and always says ‘never’ to bad words and ‘forever’ to good actions.”

“Trustparency is trust in transparency.”

“A person who has a right is not always right and the one who is right does not necessarily have the right.”

“Faith is when you float with trust in self, flow with God’s directions, and fly with wings of love and peace.”

“Admire and be inspired by other people’s achievements and attainment but do not allow your mind and intellect to be pulled by his or her personality, otherwise, you will lose your own identity behind his or her shadow.”

“Conscience is a filter which exists between our thoughts hand actions.”

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Juanisimus Quote 2

Juanisimus Quote 2
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“Service is simply using your life, your God-given talents and resources in everything greater than yourself and in everything that you have for your own benefit and that of others.”

“Affirmative realization coupled with positive affirmation is positive thinking in action.”

“Self-abuse is justifying and believing that we are of no use.”

“Trying is failing with honor and failing is falling with dignity. Both are signs of vanity.”

“Gratitude is simply greatness in attitude”

“There is absolutely no pure pleasure in a world which is impure and full of pressure.”

“There’s is always an APE in each of us. Arrogance, Pride and Ego. Sometimes, they come in subtle and incognito forms, but most of the time, they dominate, feed and eat us up.”

“When you have a simple plan, and your words are plain, your road to success is smooth and plane.”

“Physical and Material Blessings are received by taking them while Godly and Spiritual Blessings are received by giving them.”

“When we get hold of one creative idea, or catch a positive thought or feeling, make sure to let go of them, but always make extra effort to remember both of them.”

“The poor man’s hands maybe empty but his heart might be content while the rich man’s hands may be full but if his heart is not content, then he has nothing at all.”

“Those who always worry are always in a hurry.”

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“Moral values are practical values, the ones that are put into practical forms and application in everyday life. Oral values are just verbal values which are merely spoken for a token.”

“In devotion, one reads the scriptures, makes sacrifices, says a prayer, gives donations and performs charity.”

“In Spiritual Knowledge, one studies, becomes soul conscious and puts everything he or she learns into practical form and application.”

“There is a big gap between the rich and the poor and the word that separates them starts with capital letter ‘G’ which, unfortunately does not stand for God but for Greed.”

“A true hero is one who starts with, thinks and feels like a zero. For like the zero, a hero is ever-humble and true.”

“Where and what we are now is merely the result of what we did in the past. Where and what we would be in the future is only the result of what we are doing right now in the present.”

“The best true measure of success and happiness is not how loud one laughs outside but how happy he or she thinks and feels quitely inside.”

“True friends accompany you across the river while the bad ones push you out of the boat in the middle of the river even before you reach the other side.”

“Success is both relative and attractive. The more successful you are, the more relatives you will have and the more attractive you will become”

“Always have faith in your belief and believe in your faith.”

“Disease and illnesses are said to be just the seeds of our deeds. They are merely the physical manifestations of the negative thoughts we entertained and actions we have done in the past.”

“Use the treasures of all powers through your words, virtues through your actions, time through your intellect, happiness through your relationships, and peace through your connections in a worthwhile way.”

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