Juanisimus Quote 6

Juanisimus Quote 6
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“When we eat our pride, that’s ego-eating, When we feed our arrogance, that’s ego-feeding and when we travel with both of them, that’s ego-tripping.”

“When you close your eyes, you will remember the past and you will have a vision of the future. But if you keep your eyes open, you can only see the present and be able to move on.”

“Do not violate the laws and be fined. Instead, be fine and refined with the laws.”

“Always consider those who criticize, insult and defame you as your friends and those who cause obstacles as your teachers.”

“In life, our thoughts may be theoretical and our actions are sometimes theatrical, but our experiences must be practical.”

“We donate powers through our mind, share knowledge through our words and give virtues through our actions.”

“Truth brings out humility in authority while ego creates arrogance for it.”

“When I talk about experience, my best teachers are the worst ones and my good teachers are the bad ones.”

“Socially and spiritually, some people are passionate but not fashionable and others are fashionable but not passionate in life.”

“Comparison creates competition which brings forth critism and discourages cooperation.”

“I am an addict, I am addicted to pure love, peace and happiness, I am also a pusher, I push people to work against hate, war and loneliness.”

“Don’t just change. Transform, Change is physical and it could be from good to better and best to worst. Transformation is spiritual and elevated. We transform from best to great and great to greatest.”

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