Juanisimus Quote 8

Juanisimus Quote 8
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“Only the spiritual power and not the physical and nuclear power can gain victory over wars, greed and poverty in the world.”

“True Spirituality is when we have the sparkle of honesty in our eyes. smile of sincerity in our lips and purity in our heart.”

“Be a ‘donorable’ person, the one who donates with valor and honor.”

“In the supreme court of Karma, we have to settle our pending spiritual cases with God. Nature and our fellow human beings.”

“When the soul leaves the body, the body leaves the world.”

“Sow, not just show good deeds.”

“Good thoughts, words and actions come out naturally while bad one appear automatically.”

“Hear all your advisers’ choices but listen only to your own and God’s voices.”

“Religion is an organized faith while spirituality is an individual faith.”

“A religious person is not necessarily spiritual but one can be both spiritual and religious at the same time.”

“The true ART of loving, living and becoming is Acceptance of one’s life destiny, Respect for nature and Trust in God.”

“Be a judge of yourself and not of others.”

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