Juanisimus Quote 7

Juanisimus Quote 7
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“Have a Church-like attitude at home and a saintly behavior in the church.”

“Converse but conserve. Talk for as long as you want. Just make sure to conserve your positive energy by listening only to good and Godly things.”

“Whatever is right, I truly deserve it, I do not have to fight for it because if it is truly my right, it will be running towards me without much effort.”

“Change needs political will while transformation needs spiritual will.”

“The real essence and true test of a great decision is when we put in front of us the consequence of our actions before we make the decision”

“When we are spiritually solvent, we can easily solve our problems and we will not become materially insolvent.”

“Shave off our bad habits and shape up and save the good ones.”

“An act of charity which is tainted with and influenced by one or more vices becomes a sinful act.”

“Technology has certainly improved communication and information but definitely not relation.”

“When the poor steal from the rich, unlimited and they commit lesser sins but when the rich steal from the poor by not paying the right taxes, it is limited and they commit more sins.”

“Give your last penny and be free. Are you a taker or a giver.”

“It is the quality of our purity which creates royalty and it is the royalty of our actions which give us unconditional authority.”

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