Juanisimus Quote 5

Juanisimus Quote 5
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“Die not for death or live not for life, but rather die alive and do not just become a living dead.”

“Do not pray to God to help others. Instead, pray to God to help you help others.”

“If it comes directly from the heart, it hits the heart and if it comes from the head, it hits the head and it causes a lot of headaches.”

“If you are a no-body, nobody can criticize, insult and defame your body. Thus, you will not get angry and you will always be peaceful and happy.”

“Nothing is truly and absolutely ours to give. Everything is God’s for us to donate and share.”

“One doesn’t really need trust and respect from others. What he or she really needs is faith in himself or herself and trust in God.”

“Play and follow like a child but pray and decide like a master.”

“Wealth plus disease and illness equals sorrow. Poverty plus good health and peace of mind equals happiness.”

“When a person talks about other people’s ideas, that’s speaking. When one speaks about other person’s bad experiences, that’s gossiping and when one gossips about other person’s good attitudes and deeds, that’s sharing and he or she receives God’s blessings.”

“When polarity exists between arrogance and authority, even the antidotes of obedience and humility become ineffective.”

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