Juanisimus Quote 10

Juanisimus Quote 10
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“Our accounts are on God’s table and we are accountable for all of them.”

“Words spoken by God are elevated and those spoken by humans are adulterated.”

“Human beings continue to create decrees while their elevated degrees continue to decrease.”

“There are two types of friendship. One is based on gossip and other one in on worship.”

“The mistake of all mistakes is when we waste our time and energy in seeing the mistakes of others.”

“Rejection draws us closer to perfection.”

“Belief is simply faith in experience and faith is merely belief in conscience.”

“Our real competition is our own competence.”

“In both personal and marital relationships, when things go right, give it your best and when things go wrong, give up your beast.”

“God knows us best through our actions and not through our thoughts and feelings.”

“The last two letters in the word blame are ‘m’ and ‘e’. That’s ME.”

“Realize your virtues, recognize your values and harmonize them in love and in peace.”

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