Juanisimus Quote 4

Juanisimus Quote 4
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“Sit on the seat of stability and your stage will be set, not upset.”

“When there is concentration, there is determination. When there is determination, success becomes your life’s decoration and constant companion.”

“Every time you remember something which happened in the past, you are actually bringing the memory back as if it happened just a moment ago.”

“Laughter is the best medicine – except in the places where prices of drugs and medicines are very expensive that you cannot even afford to buy them with a smile.”

“Life is not just a life of knowing but of living and becoming.”

“Love is when you are no longer worried of the past and afraid of the future because you know that your life is firmly grounded and safely anchored in the present.”

“Detachment means I don’t mind but I surely care.”

“Addictionary is a list of bad habits turned into addiction.”

“Wherever the head is, the heart follows and wherever the heart is, the target finds the arrow.”

“To practive catching the positive thoughts of others is to develop the act of detaching from their wasteful words while learning how to stop watching their negative actions.”

“Respect and Regard are received by giving them and not by expecting and taking them.”

“If you let your good thoughts emerge, your bad memories will submerge and your happy memories and good experiences will merge.”

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