Juanisimus Quote 2

Juanisimus Quote 2
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“Service is simply using your life, your God-given talents and resources in everything greater than yourself and in everything that you have for your own benefit and that of others.”

“Affirmative realization coupled with positive affirmation is positive thinking in action.”

“Self-abuse is justifying and believing that we are of no use.”

“Trying is failing with honor and failing is falling with dignity. Both are signs of vanity.”

“Gratitude is simply greatness in attitude”

“There is absolutely no pure pleasure in a world which is impure and full of pressure.”

“There’s is always an APE in each of us. Arrogance, Pride and Ego. Sometimes, they come in subtle and incognito forms, but most of the time, they dominate, feed and eat us up.”

“When you have a simple plan, and your words are plain, your road to success is smooth and plane.”

“Physical and Material Blessings are received by taking them while Godly and Spiritual Blessings are received by giving them.”

“When we get hold of one creative idea, or catch a positive thought or feeling, make sure to let go of them, but always make extra effort to remember both of them.”

“The poor man’s hands maybe empty but his heart might be content while the rich man’s hands may be full but if his heart is not content, then he has nothing at all.”

“Those who always worry are always in a hurry.”

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