Juanisimus Quote 3

Juanisimus Quote 3
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“Talents are gifts from God. They are not supposed to be paid exorbitantly. They should instead be used to serve humanity and be rewarded spiritually.”

“Always balance pure praises and creative critism.”

“To confront is to constructively face whatever concern is presented in front.”

“We may not be perfect but if we make honest effort to understand our defect, it will have less effect on us and eventually will not affect our life”

“If we are attuned with our higher self, time, nature and God, then we can easily create fortune in our life.”

“Frustration is mere expression of unfulfilled expectation.”

“A person whose thoughts are clear make his or her mind clever and always says ‘never’ to bad words and ‘forever’ to good actions.”

“Trustparency is trust in transparency.”

“A person who has a right is not always right and the one who is right does not necessarily have the right.”

“Faith is when you float with trust in self, flow with God’s directions, and fly with wings of love and peace.”

“Admire and be inspired by other people’s achievements and attainment but do not allow your mind and intellect to be pulled by his or her personality, otherwise, you will lose your own identity behind his or her shadow.”

“Conscience is a filter which exists between our thoughts hand actions.”

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